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I have a PhD in NMR (medicine with quantum mechanics) as well as a degree in biochemistry. I can program in PHP, JavaScript and Objective C with smatterings of others. I am also trying to get computer science into primary schools and later.


I run a mobile focussed digital agency called TBC Digital as well as an EdTech startup called Zammer. I am a mentor for Oxygen Accelerator and Launch48 and I also help advise Emerge Venture Lab and a few startups.


I have been a secondary school science teacher and I am a governor of Bewdley Primary School. I have spent the best part of two years working to get coding into schools with the Computing at School group & via Computing++. I also run an EdTech company called Zammer.

Maker of Things

I enjoy designing mobile and multi-platform digital products, iOS app development and working on other mobile app development platforms. I can put a team together for bigger projects if needed.
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How to innovate

I go to quite a few networking events; dinners, talks, conferences and the like. I go to them because I almost always learn something and because I almost always meet someone interesting. A favourite of mine is 9others, which limits the number of attendees to 10 and encourages debate over dinner. The reason I like […]