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I have a PhD in NMR (medicine with quantum mechanics) as well as a degree in biochemistry. I can program in PHP, JavaScript and Objective C with smatterings of others. I am also trying to get computer science into primary schools and later.


I run a mobile focussed digital agency called TBC Digital as well as an EdTech startup called Zammer. I am a mentor for Oxygen Accelerator and Launch48 and I also help advise Emerge Venture Lab and a few startups.


I have been a secondary school science teacher and I am a governor of Bewdley Primary School. I have spent the best part of two years working to get coding into schools with the Computing at School group & via Computing++. I also run an EdTech company called Zammer.

Maker of Things

I enjoy designing mobile and multi-platform digital products, iOS app development and working on other mobile app development platforms. I can put a team together for bigger projects if needed.
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How to innovate

I go to quite a few networking events; dinners, talks, conferences and the like. I go to them because I almost always learn something and because I almost always meet someone interesting. A favourite of mine is 9others, which limits the number of attendees to 10 and encourages debate over dinner. The reason I like […]

Zammer wins the Facebook / Gates Foundation Hack Ed 2.0 Hackathon

Facebook are famous for their hacking culture and employees frequently participate in internal hackathons to try out new ideas and generally build something cool that will impress their peers. Reportedly as many as 70% of hackathon projects ship and notable Facebook features such as Timeline were the product of hackathons. In addition to internal hackathons Facebook frequently teams […]